Want to help? A small contribution by you is a line of credit to a Nicaraguan family.

Colibrí's solar installations are made to fit the budget of families living on $3-5 a day.  Nicaraguan families in this demographic currently allocate 15% of their monthly income to lighting and cell phone charging. Colibrí offers payments on solar installations that fall within the same range of monthly expenditures.  This way, customers can directly compare candles and kerosene with electric light without worrying about short term cost.  Solar is a lifetime home improvement investment that provides brighter, cheaper energy. The choice is obvious.  

Colibrí makes solar more accessible than ever for off grid families in Nicaragua, but we're limited in our ability to reach more households by the time it takes current customers to pay for their solar home systems in full. 

This is where you can have a huge impact

If you're interested in supporting a family, a one time donation of $200 lets us reach a new family of 4-8 today and will reach another family every 12 months after that.  All contributions are tax deductible. Include a mailing address, and we'll send you a photo with the family's thanks.

If you'd like to reach out in some other capacity, or for inquiries about investing to help us reach more families, please visit our "Contact Us" page, or tweet to us @colibri_global.